Saturday, 16 February 2019

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These images and descriptions have just been added to the relevant files, click on the links to see more images.

Then and Now on the S&DJR 

Two images of the 'siding' at South Charford Crossing

Verwood lock-up in model 

Steve Smith's lock-up

Just off the Salisbury and Dorset 

The Royal Train in 1940 

 West Moors

exLMS Shunter at Defence Fuels Depot at West moors

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

N-class allocations

There is a presumption that only the SR U-Class moguls were allocated to Salisbury to work on the S&DJR and that the N-Class moguls were either allocated to the Western or Eastern divisions of BR(S).  This is not correct, the following N-Class moguls were allocated to Eastleigh And Salisbury 
  • 31813  Salisbury 1959 - Bachmann
  • 31814  Salisbury 1959
  • 31827  Eastleigh 1948
  • 31829  Eastleigh 1948
  • 31835  Eastleigh  1964
  • 31836  Salisbury 1950 - Bachmann
  • 31846  Salisbury 1950
  • 31866  Eastleigh 1950
  • 31867  Eastleigh 1950
  • 31872  Salisbury 1950
  • 31873  Salisbury 1950
All other locos were fitted with 3500gallon straight sided tenders.

 31813 Deptford 1948 still wearing SR number but British Railways on tender

 31814 on the exMidland and South Western Junction Railway 4th March 1961 

 31814 Salisbury-Wimborne Goods near West Moors 30th August 1961

 31827 Stewarts Lane 22nd September 1962

 31829 Brighton 7th October 1962

31835 Salisbury 21st March 1964 on the 06:45 exBournemouth West, at that time an Eastleigh turn which would have started in the dark, hence the lamps. BUT it is pure speculation......

 31836 Padstow 

 31846 St.Kew April 1963

31866 Dorking Town 

31867 Tonbridge 1962

 31872 Redhill

31873 Brighton

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Verwood lockup in model

 Steve Smith has been modelling Verwood for almost as long as I can remember, here is an image of his excellent model with Steve's words.

 Constructed in Slaters Plastikard with copper downpipes and I will probably use Wills guttering.   With no dimensions or drawings available the 40′ plan brick counting and guestimation ruled.  This is the second attempt as the proportions of the first attempt looked wrong.  
As it pre-dates laser cutting I used hand cut strips of self adhesive label for the slates on the sagging roof as these were of a larger than normal size (Duchess 12″x24″) with a distinctive look as also used on the station building.  Needs further weathering and possibly a door knob, probably on the other side where there was just a single door.